How to remove malware from Blogger

If you went to your own website and you got the message:

"Warning: visiting this site may harm your computer"

That is appearing on your own site then watch this video on how to help fix the problem.

If you are receiving this message it is because there is a bad file on your website that is giving people viruses or downloading and stealing information from people that visit your site, or some other kind of harmful thing.

How it got there:

1) Either someone hacked into your site or server and placed the bad file hidden inside your site.
2) Or you installed a wordpress plugin from a bad source, or you installed some bad code onto your server.

How to fix it:

sign up for google webmaster tools, its free:

Check your site for malware and other bad files using google webmaster tools, or by simply going to this site:

Once you find where the file is located on your server then replace it with an old good working file from a back up of your site, Or if you don't have a site back up then you will have to learn code and go through the file to find what the malware is exactly and delete it.

And if your using wordpress specifically:

Then you also need to delete the recent plugin that you installed that you think may be the problem. The plugin that might be related to your issue would be something that is a "counter" of some kind or a plugin that is "cashing" info.

My wordpress site said it had a problem with "" which a guess is some company that made a plugin that I installed that was designed to help make my site run faster by cashing information. But the plugin was coded incorrectly or the company was known for producing malware or the company recently got hacked.

After you delete the plugin it might be a good idea to change your admin passwords, and possibly your server passwords, just in case your site was hacked. And you can also reinstall wordpress to help clear it up better.

Hope this helps.


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zulkbo zulkbo 11:17 PM
terima kasih infonya
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lirik lagu online lirik lagu online 4:11 PM
nice info bro...
tq for sharing
Karen C. Karen C. 12:22 PM
I followed your steps in removing malware, but it's not working. Help!! T_T
jacob martin jacob martin 7:36 PM
Give me some tips to remove pop up ads from my computer browser, it slowdown my computer and also the internet speed.