10 SEO Tips For Search Engine Ranking

There are 10 common mistakes made by website owners and bloggers that affected their ranking in Google.

1. Using the same keyword more than twice in a title tag.

2. High keyword densities.

3. Not having a valid XML sitemap.

4 URL's not containing any keywords.

5. Using <h1> tags more than once on a single page.

6. Not giving each page unique meta data.

7. Using the same anchor text in all links.

8. Putting an analyitics code at the beginning of your body content.

9. Not using accurate image descriptions.

10. Not having a 404 redirect setup.

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ris-famili.blogspot.com ris-famili.blogspot.com 9:36 PM
Berminat tapi tak begitu faham.
Mohd Shah Mohd Shah 1:46 AM
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Mohd Shah Mohd Shah 12:23 AM
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Blue Vader Blue Vader 8:13 PM
camne nk guna < h1 > tuh?
punit unisense punit unisense 6:14 PM
Your 10 points are very valid. Perfect!

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AnonymousAnonymous 2:14 AM
boleh lah nka aq cuba tips ne, sukses trs blognya